(National Certificate in Educational Achievement)

Students sit NCEA assessments at Northland College in Years 11 to 13.

Evidence may also be collected towards NCEA in Year 10 for some subjects. Where evidence is collected for Year 10 students towards NCEA, this evidence will be kept by the school to be used as evidence towards NCEA standards when the student is in Year 11 at Northland College. It is not possible to enter Year 10 student in NCEA with NZQA.

Student and Whanau Information about NCEA

For detailed information about NCEA please refer to The Northland College Student Assessment Handbook.

General Information can also be found on the NZQA webiste's student page.

NCEA Subject Information

Students are also provided with a Course Outline by their teacher at the start of each year. The course outline states the standards which may be assessed in that subject for the year and the number of credits each standard is worth towards NCEA. Please be aware that many subjects at Northland College include student choice and the standards which your student actually enters will be negotiated between the student and the teacher. You will have the opportunity to discuss these choices at Whanau information evenings such as the Parent, Student, Teacher Interviews. You are more than welcome to contact any teacher via the school at any time to discuss the standards your student is entered in. Students are also provided with assessment statements which include information such as the Standard, level, credits, mode of assessment, time of assessment, whether there will be a second assessment opportunity and whether the standard contributes to NCEA literacy/numeracy and/or university entrance literacy

NCEA and Scholarship Fees

You can find information on NZQA fees in the Northland College Student Assessment Handbook (link above). Please pay NZQA fees to the school by the 25th of August. If it is after this date, please contact the school in the first instance to check if it is too late for you to pay through the school. If it is then click on this link to download an NZQA payment form and pay the fees directly to NZQA. FOr students sitting additional scholarship exams, there are additional fees. Please see the Principals Nominee if you are entered in Scholarship exams to make sure you have paid the correct amount.

Tracking Student Progress towards NCEA

Students and whanau can track student progress towards NCEA online via the schools KAMAR Student Portal and the NZQA Login Page.

Students will have their own username and password. Whanau are to to use these to login. Whanau can ask the front office for their own whanau password to check their student's progress.

Students can also login to NZQA using their NSN number a password which they enter when they register on the NZQA website. Their teachers can help them login if they are not sure how to this.

Please be aware that there is delay between the completion of assessments and the results showing on KAMAR as teachers must get student work and grades awarded verified by another subject expert. Teachers will endeavor to complete this process in a timely manner but sometimes this may take longer if the work is to be sent away to another school or if agreement cannot be reached and another verifier is sought for a second opinion.

Results are downloaded in a special file and sent once a month to NZQA on the first of the month and so this may also account for a delay in the results appearing on the NZQA website for results which are showing on the KAMAR portal but not on NZQAs.

From time to time the school will also provide students and whanau with printed copies of the standards they are entered in (including externals) and their results so far.

The NCEA APP for phones and tablets has been developed by NZQA to help student track their own progress towards NCEA.

NCEA Study Tips

These are available on our website Under Students and Whanau. You can also get to these by clicking here.

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