Study Tips for Students & Whanau
The videos below have some excellent study tips for students.   Some of them have different accents to us and some of them speak kiwi.  They are all really relevant to studying at Northland College or we wouldn't have put them on our site!
And to all your NC students out there, if you have a really great study tip you would like to share with your mates, talk to to your kaiako about making a video and putting it up on this site!

Some Awesome Exam Study Advice from a Kiwi guy who went from the bottom class in Year 11 to Scholarship in Year 13 - Relevant for All Year Levels 9 to 13 including some NCEA Specific advice.

Using Quizlet Online to Create Your Own Computer Games to Learn Concepts

Study Tips for All Students

Using Mind Maps to Study by a School Student

A Great Video on Why and How to use Mind Maps

How to use Flash Cards to Study
This video shows how to use Flash Cards to memorise quite complex information